Oh my, how the time has flown. I remember watching you grow from a baby in my arms to the fine young lady turning double digits. How proud I am to have been a part of your life throughout.

I wanted to write to make sure you knew how I felt about letting our relationship go, and to ensure that you understand and don’t feel any responsibility or blame.

You are my first born and my only child that I have seen with my own eyes; I played with you, saw you smile, and shared in so much with you. All of those “firsts” I will treasure forever. I remember it all with fondness; creating imaginary stories with your soft-play books, singing nursery rhymes, rocking you to sleep whilst trying hard to stay awake myself! Later, walking you to Centre Stage practice and being so proud of you as you performed—you were always so graceful in your dance and movements.

I wish for you that you are happy, that you are fulfilled, doing well at school, and that you have a happy life. I want you to know that I am deeply sorry that I chose to let our relationship drift but that I did this as I believed it was in your, and your siblings’, best interests. I’m aware that you felt that I didn’t fight for our relationship—and the details are not important in this space—but nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing more painful than being separated from someone you love, and that is true for us.

Should you one day find yourself wishing to make contact, you will be warmly welcomed and tightly hugged. Until such time, my love travels with you always and I hope that you are safe and well at all times.

With love always, Dad xxx

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